European 3D Printer Distribution Network

Over 500 potential partners in the European 3D Printer Distribution market.
We can help you find and manage the right partners to grow sales of your 3D Printer in Europe.

Often businesses encounter difficulties when expanding into the European Market. We specialise in 3D Printer distribution and the development of additive manufacturing brands in Europe.

Service & Process Optimization

We have experience collaborating with brands to optimise the order life-cycle process. Setting up a ticketing system with SLAs, defining processes service support or dead on arrival issues for for Levels 1/2/3.

We create online certification programs to ensure training, technical knowledge and standards remains the same for all of our sales partners.

Business Growth & Development

We tailor strategies and solutions for each 3D printer brand. Negotiation of exclusivity contracts, margin
accelerators, managing KPIs, MSRP, marketing plans and tradeshows are some of the services that we provide.

We offer a complete 3D sales and deployment solution for companies looking to grow in Europe.

Reseller & Sales Partner Management

We help small to large companies find opportunities to expand in the European market. Managing the reseller and sales partner relationships in for you is part of our service. We work with our sales partners to develop a positive brand image and build brand recognition throughout the network.

 and Logistics

We have years of experience importing FOB containers from Asia and the necessary contacts and information to fly through customs validation. Avail of our national and European hubs in France and Germany, to make managing the storage and delivery of your products throughout Europe as efficient as possible.

Be In Demand

Together with your product and our market knowledge we aim to help you become the leader in your segment. We bring you a full network of European 3D Printer distributors, specialised sales partners and an incomparable global vision of AM European trading.
 As a one-stop 3d printer distribution operation that also specialises in importation, storage and logistics.